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School Tour Imagonisty 2018

December Aistear-Christmas
Making a place for reindeers to stay
Santa’s workshop-designing the presents
Making and wrapping the presents
Santa’s workshop puppet show
Santa and his robin are watching to make sure the boys and girls are in bed early.
Making Santa’s workshop from lego
Art station-penguins
We made some snowmen from paper doilies,buttons and recycled materials.

Christmas Activities
We mixed materials to make reindeer food  to put on the lawn Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeers.

Friendship week in Seniors Infants.
filled our friendship jar by being good friends.
made a friendship fruit salad.
got to bring in our teddies for Friendship Friday.


Science week in Senior Infants.
Listed below are some of the experiments carried out by senior infants.

Dancing raisins:
Raisins are denser than the liquid in the soda, so initially they sink to the bottom of the glass. The carbonated soft drin releases carbon dioxide bubbles. When these bubbles stick to the rough surface of a raisin, the raisin is lifted because of the increase in buoyancy.

As an experiment we dropped a piece of scrunched up paper and a stone from the same height and at the same time and made predictions on which would fall first. They both fell to the ground at roughly the same time because gravity is the same for all weights.

Beech Trail: We estimated and recorded how many children could join hands around the tree. We collected leaves and made leaf rubbings.

Washing Hands:
We completed an experiment to show the importance of washing hands before eating.

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